The Fastest Gaming PC is now AMD!

Birt 16 nóv 2020
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With AMD's release of the 5000 series of CPUs, it was only a matter of time our cryo cooled Intel system would be dwarfed. But we WERE NOT expecting this system From Digital Storm to grace us. It is glorious.
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  • Who's here with the Lowest PC gaming ever? 👇

  • Sir dual monitor streaming editing setup budget of rs100000/- approx.. please suggest

  • You are acting like the weight is like 60 kg

  • Throw out manual then try to figure out what exactly is in the box.

  • Me looking at the 745 MB/s download and considering burning out my savings 👁👄👁

  • Nervertheless you dont need that kind of machine !!! more brain makes you better, not the hardware! You cannot crunch a 3700X upwards, my tuned 4.6GHZ 3950x aint able to be fully loaded! Its boored! And so will be a tuned 5000x+.... happy ongoing AMD commercial. Intel is dead already as we all knew 4 years ago! But there is not enough software and games for a +16 CPU !!!!! NVIDIA still a bit ahead of AMD Cards i guess! But prices are unreal! So let them die slowly they deserve it! With their price policy!

  • Apple is building something that doesn't need to be that huge and doesn't need to have lots of fan in it. How is AMD faster than an M1 that only consumes very little power and yet still performing the same as them? We're waiting Apple! time to put these manufacturers kneel down on you!

    • OK... Need I say this? APPLE SUCKS. INTEL IS DEAD. AMD RULES. Any questions?

  • Imagine him being your uncle. You'll get a even powerful pc every year XD

  • 600 MB/s download? My mechanical hard disk won't write that fast

  • u can give me your old gaming pc

  • ima buying this

  • should be named another episode of things you can never afford

  • I can see people going to LAN parties with this thing... strapped to their back.... Death Stranding.

  • My electric bill would triple just trying to run that thing. Horry crap.

  • He gets 600 megs I get 12 megs with I wired connection fml

  • imagen with NASA's WIFI

  • My Xbox one S can download games at 200mb per second on a 1GB on internet

  • Wow! I cant even afford a decent gaming PC hahaha I am that poor, broke and unemployed. I am just using an old pc that I built way back in 2014.

  • 6:09 no linux no im not having fun. i got an acer swift 3 and here you are with a fucking double 3090 special ed gpu

  • gets new PC unboxes it on rug....

  • Now try Arma 3 on max settings with like 2 units spawned in lmao...

  • My ps4 took like a day to download RDR2 lmao

  • this guy should be gratful im on gtx 1660 super

  • Well I made it 29 days boys........this thing is a beast

  • i'll never afford that. nice to look at though

  • LOL GOTEM 9:26

  • I wanna buy this

  • Fastest Pc is Razer, it blows batteries

  • The fastest gaming PC with 3200mhz RAM? Pffffttt...throw that shit in the toilet. Seriously they could find TWO 3090's and no better RAM? Even I have a better and extra kit of RAM sitting at home.

  • I cant see it on amazon i wanna buy it plzz help me!!!!!!!

  • Bro i cant find it on amazon like can u help me?

    • @Zaxy Zay Hey dude can u tell me the best gaming screen cuz like i play fortinte but my fps is trash

    • @Zaxy Zay i like have money dont worry but tell me how pls

    • It’s not for sale if it was were looking at a lot of money



  • i got maximum 36mb/s - 700mb/s 😨

  • looks like it weights like the computers in the 70's

  • i no a few vets you should send one or two too my friend those look fresh .. do youu still dontate to vets ?

  • bro how do you even get internet like that????

  • my girlfriend is olso so fat and smart as computer.

  • Can i study on that? My mom asking...

  • lmao 9:26

  • I could live in that

  • Can it run crysis?

  • It’s almost like no one told him Intel released an 18 core CPU 😬

  • !sorteio

  • 6:27 When you see your stepmom stuck in the washer

  • Day 146 of asking for a PC thanks 👍😁

  • All this to play games? Lol woooooo. Beast of a machine though.

  • Would DigitalStorm take a left nut in payment for an Orange, Grey and White build? I don't need it, the left nut that is, (me / Linus same same), but I needs that huge rig. time to "retire" ye old i5 4.2ghz/1070ti rig, 60 -120fps / 1440p so yestermonth. Hello again AMD, goodbye, again, intel/nvidia. oh 1660ti... just bugger off intel then.

  • I am using a cheap PC Small Factor, core i5 with 16gb of system ram, a 2gb gtx 1050 and all of my games are running fine. yeh and crysis is running fine with no problems. It doesn't make a difference how good your CPU is, it what you do to your software, MOD it and over power the OS from using too much processes period.

  • Linus looks hella stoned in this video sometimes .... likely just the lighting

  • 9:27 I saw that XD

  • wait, you were one of the guys who was in the cemershall honey!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Linus: 600mbyts, in two minut download a masive game My internet at 2mbits: downloading a 20gb file, my entering in hibernation mode, to bed for 2 weeks

  • you really didnt cover like anything....

  • yo ltt i was wondering what would hapen if you give me that pc youve got there so like uhhhhhhh, well wanna find out ?

  • 4:03 I froze as soon as he lifted that thing up...

  • "Fastest gaming PC" i know it is a lie becouse it is not red.

  • Was expecting AMD GPUs as well.

  • it looks stupid big too bulky not for me but how much did it cost

  • Will it run Cs 1.6?


  • Why this dude constantly looks like hangover.

  • hands all over that clients screen..........i'd be p155ed if I was him! why do people touch screens !

  • You should try minecraft with shaders 😎

  • Why doesnt it have an ssd xD

  • Very strange fan position... facing the glass, so airflow will be... null!

  • lets just call this video "FLEX"

  • Socks n sandals ......noooooooo

  • Dam my i9 10900k and 3090RTX with 150+ fps is useless now LOL :) I get 2gb line does about 200 225mb so nice speed

  • Throw a Radeon 5000 series GPU in it and this shit is dead

  • what if they put those screws in there to make them anxious.

  • Linus - " I weight 160 pounds." My 16 year old niece - " I weight that as well"

  • I thought it would have AMD GPUs

  • LOL, typical AMD/Windows crap! 98% CPU usage when downloading a game! This is my CPU usage when downloading GTA 5: Good luck with Crapindows, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Now lets see if Michael Reeves can build one. Should be easy.

  • No Linus...Its not fastest gaming pc is now amd...Its was always fastest and good gaming pc was amd :) Think: AMD + Unreal Engine 5 = Good Gameplay,Realistic

  • NASA has the best pc

  • F

  • Build a 64 chunk cactus farm in Minecraft, max out ALL settings, and stand in the middle of the farm. Now THATS a benchmark if I’ve ever seen one. 😂

  • why didnt you played gta 5 on big screen


  • all gamers are jealous as fu**

  • 4:04 panic, heart attack, nightmares, paranoia



  • Lol i got a Linus honey extenstion ad for this video wow

  • perfect pc for people to play fortnight and league of legends

  • at 2.25 it definitely looks like the cornes is crumbling

  • That’s excessive

  • I know its insane, but can I please have this system, I‘ve always wanted a powerful pc😭

  • ok now we have some think that rog will say make new screen

  • Linus PLEASE try out playerunknown's battlegrounds it's RAM hungry ,GPU and CPU when you try out new pc much appreciated aswell as this video !

  • Do you even lift? Need to put down the mouse and start doing some gym work.

  • It's not an AMD PC if it has a nVidia GPU!

  • He ascended into geek heaven.

  • Linus is a made man now.

  • “Everyone look at my massive monitor” *Leans forward and watches 27 inches of it*

  • I prefer the Ryzen for downloading games and the Intel for playing them.

  • Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.

  • But can it run minecraft shaders